1-Hour Lesson: How to deal with weight stigma

You know how sometimes you’re just going about your day, feeling pretty good, and someone says something that makes you feel suddenly ashamed?

Maybe they ask you to step on the scale at a doctor’s appointment, or your coworker starts telling you about how much weight she plans to lose on Keto, or your grandmother says you need to lose weight.

We live in a culture that is full of weight stigma. So while being weighed, hearing about other people’s weight, and having people comment on our weight is considered “normal,” it can also be really harmful. And it’s not just that it makes us feel bad – weight stigma is actually damaging to our health.

We live in a tough culture that tells us we need to change our bodies to be accepted and loved. Let’s change that! 

In this lesson, you’ll get some information and scripts to respond to weight stigma as you go about your life.

This one-hour online lesson contains three chapters. You’ll learn about weight stigma, how to respond to weight stigma, and how to be actually healthy. We’ve also added some resources at the end. The main message we want to convey is that your body is never bad, or something to be fixed. All bodies deserve respect.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Weight Stigma Sucks!

  • What is Weight Stigma
  • Why Weight Stigma Persists
  • The Real Health Danger is Stigma (not weight)
  • Why Diets Aren’t the Answer

Chapter 2: Scripts for Responding to Weight Stigma

  • You Need to “Watch” Your Weight
  • I’m Worried About Your Health
  • You Just Don’t Look Healthy
  • Have You Gained/Lost Weight?
  • Step on the Scale/Tell Me Your Weight
  • I Lost Weight, You Can, Too!
  • I Recommend (WW, Keto, Clean, Vegan, etc.)

Chapter 3: How to Actually Be Healthy

  • Don’t Weight Yourself or Be Weighed
  • Eat Intuitively
  • Move Your Body
  • Rest Your Body
  • Resist Any Attempts to Weight Shame You
  • Don’t Diet

Chapter 4: Resources & Fun Stuff

  • Printable Course Recap
  • Don’t Weigh Me Cards
  • Quiz
  • Community

How the Course Works

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with your login information. Simply follow the link, enter your login credentials, and you can access the lesson. Here’s a quick tour of what the course will look like:

About Your Instructor

I’m Ginny Jones and I built and run More-Love.org. I’m the instructor for this course. I recovered from a 30-year eating disorder and have spent the last several years devoted to learning about weight stigma and how we can raise kids who are free from body hate, disordered eating, and eating disorders. I believe that one of the best things we can do to help future generations is to work on our own body issues, which is why understanding and responding to weight stigma is such an important topic for me. I’m excited to bring this course to you.