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Guided meditation for eating disorders

We have partnered with True U to deliver a series of meditations designed to support both parents and children who have eating disorders. Since eating disorders can feel overwhelming, it is so helpful to slow down and connect with the breath and body.

Meditation helps quiet the chatter in our minds. When meditating, we can clear out anxiety, feelings of self-doubt and fear, and the “I’m not good enoughs” that so many of us live with every day.

We are pulled in so many directions, and wear so many hats, often simultaneously. This meditation exercise is great for giving yourself a break and unloading all the hats you wear onto a hat rack, let your mind breathe, and give it some space.

This exercise may, over time, train your brain to give a pause between the actions of others and your reaction to them.

It will help you slow down your thoughts and actions, gain perspective, and get grounded so that you can move from a more balanced, thoughtful place, rather than a rushed, overwhelmed, reactive place.

Getting Started

Find a comfortable position for your body …
Bring one hand to your belly, and one hand to your heart …
Start to tune into your breath …
Feel your body take in the breath, and feel your body releasing it …


Emotional Regulation Worksheets

Give your child the best tools to grow more confident, calm and resilient so they can feel better, fast!

  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Calming strategies


Annie Shiel and Merideth VanSant are the co-founders of True U, an organization working to empower adolescent girls with yoga, mindfulness practices, and honest conversation. Annie is a trauma-informed vinyasa yoga teacher dedicated to using yoga as a tool for healing, self love, social justice, and empowerment. Merideth holds a Masters of Science in Human Development, and uses her professional and personal background to promote resiliency and empower women to build strong and inspired communities. She is a trained power flow and Rocket yoga teacher. To learn more about True U and bring their work to your community, visit

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