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We suffer when we believe we are bodies first and people second

Our children who have eating disorders need to separate their souls from their bodies. This is extremely difficult, because they are surrounded by loud messages stating that their bodies drive who they are as people. We must educate our children about the media agenda that objectifies our bodies and turns them into the single most important aspect of our selves. We must fight back. This TED Talk is an excellent place to start.

Girls and women aren’t only suffering because of the unattainable ways beauty is being defined, they’re suffering because they are being *defined by beauty.* They are bodies first and people second.

So, rather than working to sure more women’s bodies are viewed as valuable, we are working to make sure women are valued as more than bodies to view. Our work is founded on the premise that positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good; it is believing your body is good, regardless of how it looks. 

We have to learn to see more in ourselves and everyone else. Once we see more, we can be more. More than objects. More than beautiful. More than a body.

– Dr. Lindsay Kite, Co-Director of Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined is a nonprofit organization run by Lexie Kite, Ph.D. and Lindsay Kite, Ph.D. It is dedicated to promoting positive body image. Beauty Redefined changes the conversation about body image by telling girls and women they are MORE than beautiful. The Beauty Redefined mantra is: “Women are more than just bodies. See more. Be more.” 

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