May 5: ask an eating disorder therapist anything

Join us for a free web-based conference call and ask a qualified therapist about eating disorder treatment and recovery. If you have a child, partner, or friend who needs assistance with an eating disorder, we’d like to help!

Join us and ask questions about:

You can ask any type of therapy-based question during this web conference. Here are some topics we’ll be happy to cover:

  • Types of therapy
  • The role of parents, partners, siblings & loved ones in therapy
  • How to handle child refusal issues
  • The impact of depression and anxiety on eating disorders
  • The impact of trauma on recovery
  • Finding a therapist
  • Family therapy

Questions like these and more will be answered by John Levitt, Ph.D., a therapist who has more than 30 years’ experience treating eating disorders.

Understanding eating disorder treatment

Being in therapy, or having a friend or loved one in therapy is one of the more challenging experiences one can have. Placing a loved one “in the hands” of therapy professionals can be quite daunting. Most parents and caregivers have little to no experience with eating disorder treatment settings, therapy styles, and other details that can impact recovery.  

We are sure that others have the very same or similar concerns and questions that you have so please feel free to pose any and all questions since they can help everyone.

Web conference structure

We are hosting this web conference using a web-based video conference provider. You can join via your phone or your computer.

  • Once you register, you will receive information about how to join the web conference.
  • On the day of the call, you may join from a telephone or your computer.
  • You have the option to utilize the video function so we can see you, but this is not required.
  • You may submit your question in advance via email or during the live web conference via the chat function. We will ask whether you would like to speak your question or have us read it aloud on your behalf.

Sample Questions

We will be happy to take any and all questions into consideration. Remember that everyone on the call will likely benefit from your question, so don’t hesitate to ask it! Here are some sample questions:

  • How long will it take for my child to recover from an eating disorder?
  • Why won’t my child recover from her eating disorder?
  • Why does my child keep relapsing from their eating disorder?
  • Should I send my child to residential treatment?
  • My child seems to have recovered from their eating disorder, but I’m concerned now about their use of alcohol. Should I be worried?
  • I’ve heard about FBT – is that a good fit for us?

About John Levitt, Ph.D.

John Levitt, Ph.D., CEDS, FAED, FIAEDP has been a therapist working in the eating disorders field for more than 30 years. He has worked in many different care settings and has “seen it all” when it comes to eating disorders. John coedited the book, Self-Harm Behavior and Eating Disorders: Dynamics, Assessment, and Treatment, and was on the Editorial Board of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention.

Articles by John Levitt, PhD

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