Rock Recovery

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Rock Recovery is a nonprofit that supports peoples' journey to freedom from disordered eating. We offer outpatient individual and group therapy for adults in VA, MD, and DC - as well as nationwide virtual faith-based support groups - to those who want to find freedom with food and their bodies. In addition to eating disorders, we work with related issues like body dissatisfaction, chronic dieting, orthorexia, and intuitive eating. Whether you're looking for group support to add to your current treatment, or you need an individual therapist, we'd love to partner with you in your healing and recovery!

Our therapy services include Breaking Bread Meal Support groups, Bridge to Life Body Image groups for adults and teens, and individual therapy sessions. All of our care is both weight-inclusive and trauma-informed. Rock Recovery also engages with the community through support groups, events and workshops.

We are here to walk alongside you throughout your recovery journey. We understand that lasting recovery requires both community support and clinical care. If you are tired of fighting your body and you are ready to find freedom and healing, contact us today.

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1901 Fort Myer Drive, Arlington VA
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