Christy Harrison, RD, Intuitive Eating Coach & Anti-Diet Dietitian

christy harrison rd eating disorders

Christy Harrison is dedicated to helping people make peace with food. She works with people of all ages to support them in building a healthy relationship with their bodies and with food. Website

Christy has an excellent podcast called Food Psych. In this episode, she interviews Evelyn Tribole, one of the founders of Intuitive Eating.

If you want to learn Intuitive Eating for yourself so that you can join your child as she heals, check out Christy’s online courses. For the 13-week online course, participants need to be free from eating disorder behaviors like purging, and be mostly free from restriction and bingeing. People who still engage in eating disorder behavior may take the 5-day mini-course with professional supervision.


Intuitive eating is a great tool for people with eating disorders, but it should be carefully monitored for possible distortions – with Christy Harrison, RD

How Intuitive Eating Can Help Your Whole Family – An Interview with Christy Harrison