This directory includes non-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) professionals who work with parents to help them understand body hate, disordered eating and eating disorders.

Alex Altman, LICSW, LCSW-C
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I am a proud Health at Every Size clinician. ‘Health at Every Size’ (or HAES) is an approach and a growing movement which is based on the belief that everyone, at every size, is capable of pursuing health-related behaviors if they wish to, irrespective of weight loss. This approach recognizes that diets do not work and that attempts to lose weight almost always perpetuate weight cycling (rapid weight loss and weight gain) and disordered eating, and ultimately cause more harm than they do good. The HAES approach also embraces the concept of body diversity—the simple fact that there are many, many kinds of bodies in this world, as there always have been and always will be—and that all bodies are good bodies, worthy and fully deserving of respect.

This approach doesn't negate the unfortunate fact that we live in a world of diet culture, fatphobia, and weight stigma, and many parents worry about how to protect their children from the toxic messaging diet culture sends. I can help you get grounded in the HAES approach and mindset, and if necessary, help you 'do your own work' with respect to body image and beliefs around food and weight, empowering you to break the inter-generational cycle of diet-related trauma and poor body image. As of 10/29/20, I'm only offering telehealth services (virtual or video therapy) in response to the pandemic, and plan to continue offering telehealth moving forward.

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Alexandra Raymond, RDN, LDN
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Alex is a Registered Dietitian at the private practice Courage to Nourish in Howard County and College Park, Maryland. Alex’s goal is to assist her clients in discovering a life-long healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Alex is a proud and passionate anti-diet and Health At Every Size © advocate. Outside of counseling clients, Alex enjoys cooking (especially Italian foods), journaling, hiking and exploring Washington, DC.

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College Park, MD
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Alisha Temples, MS, CNS, LDN
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I work with parents by providing education on roles and responsibilities of parents and children, self-compassion exercises, and practical tips for planning meals. My work is based on a non-diet approaching using Ellyn Satter's model.

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Alexandria, VA
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Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS
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My approach is highly individualized and rooted in intuitive eating, mindfulness, self-compassion, and the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES). I blend expertise in nutrition and psychology to help you break the cycle of dieting, learn to eat ‘normally’, and nurture lasting health behaviors without obsessing about food or your body.

As an intuitive eating coach and body image specialist, I help you cultivate a healthy relationship with both food and your body, without trying to control your weight. I take a holistic self-care approach, meaning that I help you learn how to take care of yourself in all aspects of health – including food, exercise, stress management, coping skills, sleep habits, and more. I help you figure out a way of eating that is right for you and that allows you to take care of your body, without restriction or deprivation. My approach will allow you to discover how to feed and nurture your body in a way that permits you to live your life fully while connecting more authentically to yourself and to others.

I work with many parents who are looking to improve their own food habits and body image so that they can model a healthy relationship with food and bodies to their children. My goal is to empower parents to help their children develop positive behaviors around food, movement and body image.

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Business Address: New York, NY
Alyson Haebig MS, RDN, LDN
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I am dedicated to helping people develop a healthy relationship with food while recognizing, accepting, & respecting the role food has played in their lives. My compassionate approach is informed by the core truth that we are all born with the ability to intuitively nourish our bodies. Mixed messages around food propagated by our culture threaten to disconnect us from this innate skill. I help individuals rediscover their ability to intuitively eat as well as work towards healing their relationship with food.

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Business Address: Chicago, Illinois
Alyssa McKeeman, MEd, EdS, NCC, LPCA
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I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help individuals challenge and reframe negative thoughts about food and body image. I operate from a Health at Every Size and anti diet standpoint. My style in session is relaxed and supportive.

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Amanda Boyer
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I believe in a team-based approach and involving the parents, therapists, doctors and anyone else who will be in the immediate support. Depending on the Childs age, I will always update the parents on the goals at the end of the session and may provide more detail in person or via email regarding their needed support and parents preferences.

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Bloomington, IN
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Amanda Lambrechts, MS, RD, LN
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I help nourish healthier relationships with food and self.

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Amanda Mittman, RDN, LDN
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I work with parents and children to support them through adolescence to adulthood. I teach children how to be aware of diet culture and to respect their body, and act as a resource to help parents navigate their child's changing body.

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Business Address: 24 S Prospect St
Zip Code: 01002
Amee Severson RDN, CD
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Amee is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist whose work focuses on body positivity, fat acceptance, and intuitive eating. Amee encourages the belief that food can be enjoyed without guilt or shame. She believes that recovery from disordered eating is possible for everyone and that every person deserves to feel trust in their body. Amee doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all nutrition and health, so she works with clients to make health and nutrition fit into their current life, not the other way around.

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Business Address: 1155 N State St
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Bellingham, WA
Zip Code: 98225
Amelia Sherry, MPH, RDN, CDN, CDE
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I am a pediatric dietitian specializing in nutritional counseling for kids and families. I combine principles of positive parenting with sound nutritional advice to help your child develop a healthy, balanced relationship with food.

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Business Address: 280 Dobbs Ferry Road
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White Plains
New York
Zip Code: 10607
Amie Hope Thomas, M.S., LPC
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I am a trauma/eating disorder therapist that works from an Anti-Diet/Weight Inclusive/Intuitive Eating/HAES, approach. I use EMDR therapy along with other trauma focused approaches that help people heal from childhood abuse, sexual trauma, eating disorders etc.

Business Phone Number: 806-319-4705
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Business Address: 132 N Main Street Ste. D
Childress, Texas
Zip Code: 79201
Amy Aubertin, MS,RDN,LDN
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I specialize in helping clients break free from chronic dieting, all levels of disordered eating, and food and body concerns. My approach draws from intuitive eating, mindfulness, non-judgment and the Health at Every Size principles. I offer non-diet and non-weight focused nutrition counseling. I help my clients understand their roadblocks and discover the inner resources that allow them to find a path forward to a healthy, sustainable and nourishing relationship with food and body. I work with parents, adolescents, young adults and adults. I support parents as the first line of support to help their children develop positive attitudes around food, activity and body.

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Amy Harman, LMFT
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I use cognitive behavioral therapy and narrative approaches to help client heal from eating disorder and body image issues. I enjoy utilizing relationships and families in therapy, as the qualities and supportiveness of these relationships will often be key in long-term recovery. I approach recovery from a non-diet, HAES perspective. I also like working in a treatment team of qualified professionals for optimal care and treatment. I Provide HIPPA compliant video therapy to clients in Utah and Virginia

Business Phone Number: 571-295-5350
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Business Address: 10400 Eaton Place, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA
Zip Code: 22030
Andrea Dow, Certified Life Coach
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I'm an anti-diet and body image coach who helps moms finally find peace with food and their bodies. My goal is to help smart, women get off the diet roller coaster for good. I especially want to help moms know how to talk with their kids about food and their changing bodies as well. In addition to being a certified life coach, I'm also a certified Pilates & yoga instructor

Website: Andrea Dow
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Business Address: Wellesley
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Andrea O’Donnell RDN, LDN
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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with 10 years of experience working with individuals and families. I have a compassionate, non-diet approach that acknowledges the many factors that influence health. I believe every person deserves to have a healthy relationship with food that leaves space for all the other joys in life.

My Approach
In our work together, I will help you find freedom from the constant worry about food. Together we will work to give you the tools to listen to your body’s intuitive wisdom to know what you need. Based on your life circumstances and your goals we will work to define health in a way that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. I utilize a non-diet approach to health which emphasizes the way your body feels.

Business Phone Number: 312-298-9146
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Business Address: 3921 N Lincoln Avenue
United States
Zip Code: 60613
Anna M. Lutz, MPH, RD, LDN, CEDRD-S
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My work is grounded in Satter‰Ûªs DOR and I approach my work from a non diet HAES philosophy. My goal is to empower parents and reduce anxiety around weight and food.

Business Phone Number: 919-781-4500
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Business Address: 1042 WASHINGTON Street
Raleigh, North Carolina
Zip Code: 27605
Ashley Perrone, MPH, RD, CDN
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I aim to empower parents to make decisions in regards to feeding their child based on Ellyn Satter's division of responsibility and developmentally appropriate nutrition messages. My goal is to alleviate some of their frustrations/concerns about their child's eating habits and/or body size by using evidence-based interpretations of growth charts, eating behaviors, and nutrition. I offer support on developing a positive body image, which extends more than just "liking" your body, so that parents can model this for their children. My hope is that this work we do together allows both the parents and the child to adopt behaviors that promote body trust and physical, emotional and psychological well being.

Business Phone Number: 704 221-7705
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Business Address: 808 Union Street, Suite 3A
Brooklyn, NY
Zip Code: 11215
Beth Mayer LICSW
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I have been working with people struggling with body image and eating disorders for 36 years. Having recovered from an eating disorder as a teen and young adult, I have dedicated my life to trying to support others in truly understanding this illness. Parents are a child's most important support system and they should always feel welcomed into a therapist's office. I work with the family and ask them to join the team as collaborators.

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Newtonville, MA
Zip Code: 02460
Bianca Skilbeck, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor
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In all sessions I do counseling and I help my clients to explore the principles of HAES and intuitive eating as they are ready. I practice from a trauma-informed perspective and frequently help clients to brainstorm ways in which they can manage difficult life situations and relationships. If the client is also interested in hypnotherapy, then we incorporate a range of different hypnotic techniques into the session which can help to integrate the counseling. I can help support parents who have kids with eating or body issues through education, building compassion skills, and teaching relational skills.

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Business Address: 3/20 Burns St
Zip Code: 3012