Helpful Videos

Following are some helpful videos for parents who have a child who has an eating disorder:

Eating Disorders- a guide for parents who have a child with an eating disorder (video) (3) What is a maladaptive coping behavior, and what do I do about it- For parents who have children who have eating disorders (video) (1) We would like to live in a world in which kids never, ever diet. Will you join us-(video) (3) 10 facts you absolutely need to know about Instagram and body image in young women (2) The fear parade- a simple mindfulness trick to help kids manage anxiety and stress (video) (2) How to talk to your teenager about Photoshop, the media, and how it impacts body image (video)  Eating disorders are more than anorexia- eating disorder statistics that every parent should know Tapping into -The Why- of eating to help your child heal from an eating disorder (video)  Fatphobia discriminates against 70% of our population. Let's stop this shit. (video) Rat Park - could solving for loneliness heal our kids of addictions and eating disorders- (video) Volunteering with your teen may help with anxiety, depression, and eating disorder behaviors (video) Rethinking eating disorders as misguided life savers trying to help us, not beasts trying to attack us (video) Mama, You Need Some Love! (video)