Information and support for parents who have children who have eating disorders (old)

A 3-step guide for hosting Thanksgiving when your guests eat clean, paleo, fat-free, carb-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc. How to make Thanksgiving eating disorder friendly (1) Stop the screaming! How to have difficult conversations with your child who has an eating disorder without yelling or stonewalling Stop hating fat people, being afraid of getting fat, talking about people being -too fat- and all forms of fatphobia (3) Eating disorders are more than anorexia- eating disorder statistics that every parent should know 10 facts you absolutely need to know about Instagram and body image in young women (2) Body image, muscle dysmorphia and eating disorders in boys and men (1) The fear parade- a simple mindfulness trick to help kids manage anxiety and stress (video) (1) Diets in disguise- a diet dressed up as spirituality is still a diet (1) Emergency anxiety tools you can buy and DIY to stop anxiety attacks for tweens and teens (1) Our kids' phones provide How To manuals for Eating Disorders (1) How to shop when your daughter's body is too big for straight size clothing (2) For goodness sake, just eat the damn candy, and let your kids do the same! (1) Are you accidentally gaslighting your child- (6) Moms- do you fantasize about being hospitalized- Is life one endless hamster wheel of suckiness- (1) What dads need to know about parenting a child who has an eating disorder, by Jeanette Alonso, LMHC (1) OCD, PTSD and Autism may all be found alongside an eating disorder. Here's what you need to know (1) Calm Down, Stop Crying, and other terrible things we say to our kids Longing to be seen. Wishing to be held. Kristen's story about her eating disorder (1) Control or compassion- which is the best parenting approach for a child who has an eating disorder- (1) Are you drinking to cope with your child's eating disorder- How to be a good parent when your child has an eating disorder (1)

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We would like to live in a world in which kids never, ever diet. Will you join us-(video) (3) Eating Disorders- a guide for parents who have a child with an eating disorder (video) (3) What is a maladaptive coping behavior, and what do I do about it- For parents who have children who have eating disorders (video) (1) The fear parade- a simple mindfulness trick to help kids manage anxiety and stress (video) (2)

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