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Linda Bacon, PhD
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Preventing childhood eating disorders - a societal approach, by Dr. Linda Bacon

Worried about the kids? Fear of obesity is much more health-damaging than high weight itself. An interview with Dr. Linda Bacon

The cause of eating disorders, and when a diet is an eating disorder. An interview with Dr. Linda Bacon
Anita Johnston, PhD
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Hunger Literacy: teaching your child to identify and nourish their real hunger, by Anita Johnston, PhD

Heal your relationship with food: online course available from Anita Johnston, PhD

Rethinking eating disorders as misguided life savers trying to help us, not beasts trying to attack us
Beth Mayer, LICSW, Director, MEDA
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Don't blame the victim (or the parents) for eating disorders - their triggers are deeply embedded in today's society, by Beth Mayer, LICSW

Parents, you're not to blame for your child's eating disorder, but here is what you should know about it, by Beth Mayer, LICSW

For parents who are afraid that their kid is going to be fat, an interview with Beth Mayer, LICSW
John Levitt, PhD, PhD
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What I want parents to think about before sending their child to an Eating Disorder Treatment Center, by John Levitt, PhD

A perspective on eating disorder recovery from a therapist who has been in the field for +40 years, by John Levitt, PhD

Questions to ask before you send your child to local eating disorder therapists or an eating disorder treatment center, by John Levitt, PhD

Hope is essential when working with people who have "chronic" eating disorders, by John Levitt, PhD
Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD. CYT
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Why yoga is an excellent practice while in eating disorder recovery, and what parents should know, by Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, CYT

Yoga to strengthen body image and support eating disorder recovery - a video series from Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, CYT

How to model healthy attitudes about exercise at home, by Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, CYT

5 ways to create positive body & food vibes at home, by Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, CYT

Tree pose with your teenager who has an eating disorder to build connection, by Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, CYT

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