Dietitians and Therapists who can help

We have created a directory of non-diet, Health at Every Size (HAES) professionals who work with parents to help them understand body hate, disordered eating and eating disorders. We create a lot of resources for parents, but at the end of the day, you may still benefit from speaking with a professional who can talk to you about your unique family situation.

View the directory of non-diet dietitians

This directory of non-diet dietitians and nutritionists includes professionals who have identified as non-diet, anti-diet, and Health at Every Size oriented. They have also told us that they are currently accepting clients. These non-diet dietitians are able to work with parents who are concerned about their kids’ food and eating behaviors. Parents can schedule a meeting with one of these dietitians to do an initial assessment and get some immediate feedback about their kids’ food and eating behaviors.

If you can’t find a non-diet dietitian in your city, many of the professionals who are listed do phone-based coaching, which is a great alternative if you can’t get to their office in person.

View the directory of non-diet dietitians

We are still building this database. Please feel free to make recommendations and submit your own practice.