Parenting adolescents

Our kids' phones provide How To manuals for Eating Disorders (1)  Are you accidentally gaslighting your child- (6)   Calm Down, Stop Crying, and other terrible things we say to our kids   Sexual harassment, our teenage daughters, and eating disorders-2  How parents can deal with teenage angst, cries for help, and dangerous behavior-2  What you need to know about parenting adolescents who have eating disorders-2  3 lessons to supporting a child who is in recovery from an eating disorder learned from therapists who are used to dealing with high-conflict personalities-2  What to do about a raging, rude and disrespectful teenage daughter  What to say when your teenager is angry (consider the Anger Iceberg)
Teaching your child emotional first aid with Dr. Guy Winch, psychologist (TED Talk Video)

Love Your Daughter for Who She Is – Not Who You Wish She Could Be

How to build self-worth in your child

Parents: stop with the electronics, and pay attention to your kids!

Thoughts on Adolescent Daughters Inspired by “Reviving Ophelia” by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.

Understanding and working with your child’s brain when battling an eating disorder – thoughts from the book The Whole-Brain Child