Stress and eating disorders

Stress and eating disorders are closely linked. Many people who have eating disorders suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or everyday chronic stress. Our children, many of whom are in high school and college, suffer from significant stress due to school pressures, including in-school performance and the looming future of either getting into college, determining a graduate program or going into a career. These stressors can both develop a new eating disorder as a coping mechanism for stress or result in eating disorder relapse for someone who was recovered but remains unstable in light of high-stress situations.

Helping our children recognize the signs of stress and cope with stress in healthy ways can go a long way in helping them recovery from their eating disorders.

Eating disorders can remove the ability to feel feelings- here is a printable to help get back in touchย  How stress impacts eating disorder development and relapse, and what to do about it-2

A selection of relaxation videos for teens who have anxiety that increases their eating disorder behavior

Volunteering with your child may help with anxiety, depression, and eating disorder behaviors

Listen to this calming guided meditation to soothe frayed nerves from eating disorder management โ€“ from True U founders Annie Shiel & Meredith VanSant