Understanding Eating Disorders: A Free Guide For Parents

Understanding Eating Disorders: A Guide For Parents
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This free workbook by Ginny Jones will help you help your child recover. We’re going to break eating disorders down into the four elements that drive and impact both the development of the disorder and recovery.

For each element, you will explore the key aspects of the element. Next, you will reflect on your child’s eating disorder and consider how each element may have led to its development. Finally, you’ll get some tips for how you can behave and what you can do to reduce the negative impact of each element.

Remember to seek help and support as you go through this workbook. You do not need to, nor should you do this alone. Parenting is tremendously hard and tremendously important. Get the help you deserve to do this.

This workbook was the perfect way for me to get started with helping my daughter heal from her eating disorder. I felt so lost and confused, and it helped me start to make sense of what was going on.

Christy S.