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More-Love.org was founded in 2016 by Ginny Jones. It’s an online resource that supports parents who have kids with eating disorders. We educate parents about weight, food, and mental health and seek to reduce the fear and shame parents feel when their child has a problem with eating and body image. We believe full recovery from an eating disorder is possible, and we support a non-diet approach to health. Our eating disorder guide helps parents understand eating disorders so they can support recovery. We have more than 400 articles for parents about body image, eating, and parenting techniques when a child has an eating disorder.

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About Ginny Jones

Ginny Jones is the founder of More-Love.org, an online resource that supports parents who have kids with eating disorders. In addition to publishing hundreds of free articles and resources for parents, she’s the author of the eBook Non-Diet + HAES® Parenting Tips and printable worksheets to support kids’ body image, eating, and emotional regulation. As a parent coach, Ginny helps parents navigate eating disorder recovery and other mental health challenges. Her latest project is Recovery, a newsletter for deeply-feeling people in recovery from diet culture, negative body image, and eating disorders.

Ginny has spent more than a decade immersed in research related to child psychology, neurobiology, parenting, mental health, and eating disorders. Her unique approach is based on lived experience, research, training, and interviews with hundreds of professionals, people who have/had eating disorders, and parents. Ginny has a degree in Journalism and an MBA from the University of Southern California. She has training in FBT, SPACE, sDOR, and IFS.

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Hi, I’m Ginny, the founder of More-Love.org, and I’m on a mission to help parents understand eating disorders. I draw on academic research, interviews with treatment professionals, and conversations with parents and people who have eating disorders. My approach integrates the complex interaction of biology, psychology, and society.

I’m particularly interested in the developing field of neurobiology, which gives us more information than we’ve ever had before about the brain-body connection. It reveals that the most confusing human behaviors are driven below the level of consciousness. I hope the days of blaming people for their symptoms will be in the past soon, because symptoms are signals. When we understand and work with them rather than fight them, we can make a difference.

Major influences on my work include Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Mona Delahooke, who beautifully explain how neurobiology influences behavior and how parents can respond.

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