More-Love.org is dedicated to supporting parents who have children with eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, binge eating disorder and the many other iterations of ED.

Parenting a child who is going through an eating disorder can be challenging, but your love and support of your child can be the critical element that helps him or her heal.

We are parenting experts who hope to provide you with parenting advice as you navigate the disruption of an eating disorder in your home.

Please reach out to us if you have something to add, and please keep listening!

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About Ginny Jones, Founder of More-Love.org

As a teenager, my emotions were HUGE! So I took them underground and developed an eating disorder that lasted 30 years. I'm still learning to metabolize my feelings, and that is my true

Hi, I’m Ginny, and my mission is to help support parents who are caring for children who have eating disorders.

I grew up in a wonderful, intelligent family that loved me. At the age of 10, I began using food as a coping mechanism for painful feelings. I created my own special eating disorder containing elements of orthorexia, anorexia and bulimia. By the age of 16, the behaviors were firmly entrenched, and I used my eating disorder as a powerful coping mechanism for deeply uncomfortable emotions until I went into recovery when I turned 41.


But I am so much more than my eating disorder.

I’m a successful businesswoman. I earned an MBA while working full-time. I have consulted with more than 100 entrepreneurs as an independent business consultant for the past 12 years. I help entrepreneurs lead their unique organizations to greatness. Small businesses are very much like families – they require and deserve visionary leadership, consistency and a sense of purpose. I’m proud to be a part of that.

I’m a passionate, optimistic, determined, creative soul. I love to run. I love being outside in nature. I love listening to music and singing aloud in my car. I’m thrilled to be married to an amazing man and love being a mother to our daughter. I’m proud to be my parents’ daughter, a sister, sister-in-law and “crazy auntie.”

My family has always been a loving presence in my life. I know they would have helped me if they knew how sick I was for 30 years. They had no idea what I put my body, mind and soul through as a result of my eating disorder. Eating disorders can force their hosts to lie, cheat and steal to maintain the facade of everything being just fine, even when it most definitely is not. There wasn’t a model in my family for dealing with my eating disorder. That is the impetus for this organization.

I believe in the power of love to transform every single individual in our society. I believe that, when in doubt, giving more love is always a prescription for healing. We must all learn to give more love to others and receive more love for ourselves in order to achieve our greatest purpose in life: to be seen, to be understood, and to be truly, deeply loved.

I blog about my own recovery on Medium.com.