Non-Diet Eating Disorder Providers, Therapists, Dietitians, etc.

non-diet eating disorder providers

We have created a directory of non-diet, Health At Every SizeⓇ-oriented eating disorder providers. This directory includes dietitians, therapists, and other providers who specialize in eating disorders. They can help with your own and your child’s food and body issues.

This directory includes registered dietitians, therapists, coaches, treatment programs, and other professionals and organizations have self-identified as working with eating disorders from a non-diet perspective. They have told us that they are currently accepting clients and can work with parents and help parents support a child’s food and body issues.  

non-diet eating disorder registered dietitians

Registered Dietitians

Find a local non-diet registered dietitian who can help you with your own food and nutrition concerns. These professionals can also help you navigate your child’s food and nutrition concerns and teach you to feed your family without fear. 


non-diet eating disorder therapists


Find a local therapist who can help you navigate your own food and body issues. These therapists are experienced in working with adults who struggle with body hate, disordered eating, and eating disorders. They can also help parents who are participating in their child’s recovery from these conditions. 


non-diet eating disorder providers treatment centers

Treatment Centers

Find an eating disorder treatment center for yourself or your child. These treatment centers are non-diet oriented and do not promote weight loss for any body type.


Other Professionals

There are many types of professionals who can help you navigate your own food and body issues and your child’s food and body issues. We have a list of physicians, coaches, and nutritionists who can help!