weight and obesity and their relationship to eating disorders

Facts about weight & obesity

Eating disorders are complex systems. They are more than weight and body size, and yet they typically involve an obsession with weight and body size. The following facts are intended to help parents relax about their children's weight and to help their children do the ...
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diets and weight loss and their relationship to eating disorders

Facts about diets & weight loss

"It is unethical to continue to prescribe weight loss to patients and communities as a pathway to health, knowing the associated outcomes - weight regain and weight cycling - are connected to further stigmatization, poor health and well-being. The data suggest that a different approach ...
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books that we can use to learn about having a child who has an eating disorder


Approaching an eating disorder as a parent requires a whole new way of understanding your child, yourself and the dynamics within your family. Books from multiple disciplines can be very helpful in beginning to untangle these systems and make progress as your child heals from ...
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