Information and support for parents who have children who have eating disorders

The dangerous things that parents don't know they're doing that may contribute to eating disorder development-2  Yes, you really do need to stop dieting if your child has an eating disorder  Yoga is an excellent practice while in eating disorder recovery; what parents should know, by Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, CYT-6  Do no harm. A letter for parents to give medical doctors when their child is in recovery from an eating disorder-2  Pay attention to these three things to help your child heal from an eating disorder-3  Don't blame the victim (or the parents) for eating disorders - their triggers are deeply embedded in today's society, by Beth Mayer, LICSW-2  How to handle the Fourth of July with an eating disorder-2  Protecting our kids from diet culture and fatphobia as they recovery from an eating disorder, and what to know about dieting during recovery, an interview with Alexandra Raymond, RD-4  Hunger Literacy_ teaching your child to identify and nourish their real hunger, by Anita Johnston, PhD-2  What is a maladaptive coping behavior, and what do I do about it? For parents who have children who have eating disorders (movie)  When you have an eating disorder ... and your child does, too-2  How stress impacts eating disorder development and relapse, and what to do about it-2  Alcohol abuse and eating disorders_ a common combination-2  3 lessons to supporting a child who is in recovery from an eating disorder learned from therapists who are used to dealing with high-conflict personalities-2  Why eating disorders are so hard to treat in adolescents-2  How to set healthy boundaries with a child who has an eating disorder and is pushing your every last button-2  Questions to ask before you send your child to local eating disorder treatment or an eating disorder treatment center, by John Levitt, PhD  The news headlines that make us sick with eating disorders  What to say when your teenager is angry (consider the Anger Iceberg)  What to do about a raging, rude and disrespectful teenage daughter  Sexual abuse, PTSD and eating disorders_ the things we don't want to look at as parents-5  Coming to terms with your child_s – and your own – natural weight – an interview with Tracy Brown, RD-4  Beware of Skinny Teas when your child is at risk of or in recovery for an eating disorder, with @dothehotpants  An eating disorder is not your kid's fault, and it's not your fault. More people are getting eating disorders than ever. This is bigger than you, your child, and your family.  Preventing childhood eating disorders - a societal approach, by Dr. Linda Bacon  3 Keys to Parenting through Eating Disorder Recovery-2

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