Information and support for parents who have children who have eating disorders

For goodness sake, just eat the damn candy, and let your kids do the same! (1)  Are you accidentally gaslighting your child- (6)  Moms- do you fantasize about being hospitalized- Is life one endless hamster wheel of suckiness- (1)  What dads need to know about parenting a child who has an eating disorder, by Jeanette Alonso, LMHC (1)  OCD, PTSD and Autism may all be found alongside an eating disorder. Here's what you need to know (1)  Calm Down, Stop Crying, and other terrible things we say to our kids  Longing to be seen. Wishing to be held. Kristen's story about her eating disorder (1)  Control or compassion- which is the best parenting approach for a child who has an eating disorder- (1)  Are you drinking to cope with your child's eating disorder-  How to be a good parent when your child has an eating disorder (1)  Saving your marriage when your child has an eating disorder (1)  Eating disorders can remove the ability to feel feelings- here is a printable to help get back in touch  Hope Is Essential When Working With People Who Have “Chronic” Eating Disorders, by John Levitt, PhD-2  Helping our children find meaning and purpose in life in ways that have nothing to do with food and body-3  Trash your child's Fitbit to find peace and healing from disordered eating-2  Preventing eating disorders at school - a printable for parents to share with teachers-2  How to apologize to a child who has an eating disorder when you think your parenting mistakes are to blame-3  Instagram hashtags to avoid when your child has anorexia  Taking care of yourself when your child has an eating disorder-2  How to win the war against your child's eating disorder  Sexual harassment, our teenage daughters, and eating disorders-2  When your child who has an eating disorder is feeling anxious, help bring calm with downward facing dog  How parents can deal with teenage angst, cries for help, and dangerous behavior-2  5 steps parents can take to reduce suicidality and eating disorders in their teenage daughters-2

Video guide for parents who have children with eating disorders

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