Eating Disorder Guide For Parents

A compassionate and comprehensive guide to help parents understand eating disorders

Parenting a child who has an eating disorder is tricky and complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone – this guide can help! We have hundreds of resources to help you navigate your child’s eating disorder recovery and be the difference-maker in their life.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by eating disorder information that is clinical or terrifying, then welcome to this little corner of the internet where we aren’t afraid to use plain language and make eating disorder information accessible and written specifically for parents. This guide is a great way for parents to understand their child’s eating disorder a little better and start helping them recover!

Parent-Friendly ❤️ Neurobiology ❤️ Attachment ❤️ Non-Diet ❤️ Health At Every Size®

free cheat sheet: Parenting A Child With An Eating Disorder

⭐ Get ready for recovery and find out how you can prepare yourself for maximum success.

⭐ Find out the essential steps and family rules you need to have in place for recovery.

⭐ Make your home recovery-ready with six simple steps that anyone can do.

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About Us is an online resource that supports parents who have kids with eating disorders. We educate parents about weight, food, and mental health and seek to reduce the fear and shame parents feel when their child has a problem with eating. We believe full recovery from an eating disorder is possible, and we support a non-diet, Health at Every Size® approach. Our eating disorder guide helps parents understand eating disorders so they can support recovery. You are the parent your child needs to recover!

Weight-Neutral Healthcare Cards

Worksheets For Kids With Eating Disorders

Scripts for Parents

Parent Scripts For Eating Disorder Recovery

Scripts to help you figure out what to say to help your child with an eating disorder. Use these scripts:

  • At the dinner table when behavior is getting out of control
  • When you need to set boundaries – fast!
  • After something happened so you can calmly review the triggers and events


Non-Diet Resources