Bonnie Killip, APD

Bonnie Killip, APD
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I offer practical and usable nutrition education for those in recovery from eating issues as well as the parents and carers of people with eating disorders. I am a clinical and medical hypnotherapist and assist kids to reconnect with their inner guidance and develop the internal skills and resources to set them up for a life of emotional regulation, self-love, resilience, and happiness. The focus is never on body weight, shape or size, and always on mental wellness. I have 15 years of lived experience with anorexia nervosa and if there was one thing I could change it was that I found great treatment sooner. I am thankful to my parents for never giving up on finding that treatment and making appointments for me because I believe without it I would have lived the rest of my life holding onto moments of forced physical wellness but never quite mentally well.

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38 Maud Street
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