Brenna O’Malley, RDN, LDN

Brenna O’Malley, RDN, LDN
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I’m a registered dietitian and am honored to work with clients through the tough stuff of creating a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and their body. I specialize in working with individuals of all genders who are recovering from disordered eating, body image support, food allergies and GI disorders. I really enjoy working with teens, young adults and adults who have spent much of their life on the turbulent cycle of dieting/disordered eating. I believe that we are all impacted at various levels by diet culture, and that our relationships with food and our bodies are deeply personal and layered. I also believe that these relationships can change and that you can experience more joy, more ease, and less guilt around eating.

My private practice is The Wellful and I am based in San Francisco, CA and work virtually with clients throughout California, Massachusetts, New York, and a few other states I'm licensed or credentialed in. I offer nutrition therapy and body image counseling incorporating ACT, DBT, IFS therapeutic modalities through a non-diet, weight-inclusive, intersectional, and affirming lens.

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San Francisco, CA
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