Stefanie Ginsburg, RD, CEDRD-S

Stefanie Ginsburg, RD, CEDRD-S
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At UNRESTRICTED NUTRITION, we have a passion for and specialty in working with adolescents (ages 12-17), emerging adults (ages 18-25), and also offer services to adults and families and caregivers.

We aim to assist with and support our clients in moving away from a restrictive mentality of right and wrong. Through the fostering of a therapeutic relationship, coupled with nutrition education, our clients will learn the truth about food and how the body utilizes it to sustain a healthy and full life.

The goal will be to progress towards a balanced relationship with food and body, where our clients can truly experience freedom from the misinformation that plagues our society. We are FBT informed, ARFID specialized, and well versed in all eating disorders and forms of disordered eating.

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Denver Metro Area, Colorado