eBook: Emotional Regulation Guide for Parents Who Have Kids With Eating Disorders


    • Recognize the signs of emotional dysregulation

    • Calm your child down, fast!

    • Teach your child to self-regulate

    • Increase baseline emotional regulation

    • Create a deeper, stronger relationship with your child

    • Be the person your child turns to when they’re upset, and the person who can soothe their big emotions

What’s Included: 42-page workbook

What You Need: A printer (or use FedEX, UPS Store, Staples, etc.)

Note: This is a digital book for you to instantly download, print, and use again and again. Nothing will be mailed. You will receive email access to your download soon after placing your order.

You can make as many copies for your own family as you want, but please respect our copyright and don’t distribute it to other people! Contact us if you want a professional license to use it with clients.