Emotional Regulation: A Guide for Parents Who Have Kids With Eating Disorders

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Emotional regulation is the secret ingredient in raising happy, well-adjusted kids, and you are the best person to teach them emotional regulation skills!

Custom-created specifically for kids with disordered eating behaviors and negative body image using concepts from neurobiology, mindfulness, self-compassion, and the growth mindset.

Teach Your Child Emotional Regulation Skills When They Have An Eating Disorder

What Your Kid Needs To Be More Confident & Connected With You!

  • Recognize the signs of emotional dysregulation
  • Calm your child down, fast!
  • Teach your child to self-regulate
  • Increase baseline emotional regulation
  • Create a deeper, stronger relationship with your child
  • Be the person your child turns to when they’re upset, and the person who can soothe their big emotions

The BEST WAY to make a big DIFFERENCE in your child’s self-esteem and security!



Parent-Friendly ❤️ Neurobiology ❤️ Attachment ❤️ Non-Diet ❤️ Health At Every Size®

With the science of neurobiology to guide us, parents can respond differently and a lot more compassionately and effectively when eating disorder behaviors show up in highly sensitive and/or neurodivergent kids. Mainly, instead of trying to stop the behaviors by addressing the rational brain, we first soothe the unconscious nervous system that is responding to a perceived threat. By co-regulating with a dysregulated child, parents help kids tolerate how they feel without reaching for eating disorder behaviors.

Over time, the parent-led practice of co-regulating, combined with therapy and nutritional treatment, will support your child in developing a healthier emotional regulation baseline as well as stronger skills for self-regulation.

To create this book, I’ve taken the last three decades of research in neurobiology and applied it to co-regulating with a child who is struggling with eating disorder behaviors. My trusted guides include Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Mona Delahooke, whose writing has enlightened me and allowed me to see how parents’ behavior shapes kids’ behavior.

We have so much influence over how our kids feel, and I want all of us to unlock this influence and start making a positive difference in kids’ nutrition, mental and physical health, and the sacred relationship between food and body.

This book includes

About Emotional Regulation

  • Emotional Regulation and Eating
  • Benefits of Building Emotional Regulation Skills
  • The Threat Response System
  • Emotional Contagion
  • Different States of Regulation
  • Worksheet: Where Are You?
  • Worksheet: Where is Your Child?

Build Your Child’s Skills

  • The Foundations of Emotional Regulation
  • Weight and Emotional Regulation
  • Is My Child Weight Suppressed?
  • Is My Child Getting Enough Sleep?
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Processing Feelings
  • Feelings Wheel

Parental Co-Regulation

  • Regulate Yourself
  • Share Your Regulated State
  • Connect Before You Direct
  • What To Say When Your Child’s Upset
  • Setting Expectations
  • Responding to Anxiety
  • Worksheet: What Works

Also Included:

  • Body Based Skills
  • I Don’t Have Time for This!
  • Parent Reflection Worksheets

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Emotional Regulation Guide for Parents Who Have Kids With Eating Disorders

What’s Included: 42 pages

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Note: This is a digital product for you to instantly download, print, and use again and again. Nothing will be mailed.

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  • Plus worksheets to help you handle emotional dysregulation in real-time
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Created By Ginny Jones

Ginny Jones is on a mission to change the conversation about eating disorders and empower people to recover.  She’s the founder of More-Love.org, an online resource that supports parents who have kids with eating disorders, and a Parent Coach who helps parents navigate their kid’s eating disorder recovery.

Ginny has been researching and writing about eating disorders since 2016. She incorporates the principles of neurobiology and attachment parenting with a non-diet, Health At Every Size® approach to health and recovery.

Ginny’s most recent project is Recovery, a newsletter for deeply-feeling people in recovery from diet culture, negative body image, and eating disorders.

Parent-Friendly ❤️ Neurobiology ❤️ Attachment ❤️ Non-Diet ❤️ Health At Every Size®

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