Kelsi Helterbrand, LCSW

Kelsi Helterbrand, LCSW
Kelsi Helterbrand, LCSW
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I am passionate about helping individuals dealing with disordered eating and eating disorders. I am open to working with individuals experiencing any eating disorders but am particularly interested in treating Binge Eating Disorder. I take an anti-diet and Health at Every Size approach to treatment. I offer individual virtual sessions in the state of Kentucky.

I completed my Masters degree in Social Work at New York University in 2007. I have been independently licensed since 2010. I have worked in many mental health settings. I am currently in private practice and offering individual virtual sessions. I typically utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my sessions with clients. I always meet the client where they are and we work together from there. I refer to a group of dietitians locally that also take an anti-diet and HAES approach. I believe a team approach to treating eating disorders is the best approach!

Works with: adults who have eating disorders (18+ years old) and parents who have kids with eating disorders and need help, support, and guidance

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