Christine Selby

Christine Selby, PhD, CEDS


Christine Selby, PhD, CEDS
Christine Selby, PhD, CEDS
Christine Selby, PhD, CEDS
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My approach is eclectic in that my way of being with clients/patients is client-centered, I conceptualize psychodynamically, and I use CBT techniques when indicated. Although I treat adult patients I am willing to work with parents about how best to support their child who has eating/body/weight issues. First and foremost I talk with them about making sure anyone providing treatment to their child is weight neutral and educated in what eating disorders are/are not. I encourage them to rely on those providers to do what they are trained to do and that parents should do the same – that is they are best equipped to love and support their child in a way that no provider can (the caveat to this is FBT/Maudsley method for tx of anorexia nervosa). I allow parents to express their concerns and ask whatever questions they have – providing the best answers I have and/or directing them to exceptional resources.

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