Preventing eating disorders at school – a printable for parents to share with teachers

Preventing childhood eating disorders is a culture-wide effort, not limited to parents alone. Even if we follow evidence-based eating guidelines in our own homes, our children are still exposed to diet culture and fatphobia when at school, on sports teams, places of worship and at friends’ homes. That’s why it’s so important that as a society we build toolkits to support teachers, religious leaders, physicians, coaches and other parents so they understand what is acceptable food behavior when they are involved in our child’s eating experience.

When it comes to our children’s body acceptance and full health (mental and physical), society can be extremely toxic. Let’s all rise up and start educating people about the dangers of diet culture and fatphobia!

We found this excellent printable that can be given to teachers to help them remember what is (and what is not) their responsibility when it comes to our children’s nutrition. We’ve heard horror stories of well-intentioned teachers telling children to cut back on certain foods, espousing certain diet plans, and even shaming children who bring desserts to school. Such behavior is never OK. We hope that all of us can make an impact on our children’s lives with critical education about boundaries when it comes to diet talk in public spaces.

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Thank you to Elisheva Dorfman, MS, LMFT (email: and Dina Cohen, MS, RDN, CERD (email:

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Ginny Jones is on a mission to empower parents to raise kids who are free from eating disorders and body hate.

She’s the editor of and a Parent Coach who helps parents handle their kids’ food and body issues.

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